Thursday, 26 June 2008

People of Water

Another introduction from the Peeblesmeister - People of Water is in fact one Ben Shillabeer who knocks together his collection of music in his personal studio (read - bedroom). Recording on Sink and Stove records from Bristol (again with some linkage to Mr P) People of Water have/has (isn't that confusing?) a first EP out with but six tracks of " of experimental, atmospheric but playful indie-rock, with electronic, lo-fi and world music influences". I first heard some of this on DJ Shannon KEXP podcast number 102 that ran the track Pink Conch - (how do people like KEXP get hold of this sort of stuff I wonder? They also got hold of stuff by Glasweigans We Were Promised Jetpacks who are worth a listened if for nothing else than their name)

Anyhow I must admit to being rather taken by Mr Shillabeers efforts (one free hi quality mp3 of Constant Spring is available from the S&S web site). I am fortunate that the Peeblemeister has given me access to rather more tracks to listen to - perhaps they will appear on the planned full length album. Constant Spring, Pink Conch, Too Much Information, Built Like Clocks and Pet Level all deserve a listen as do other tracks across this varied, lo-fi, laid back selection

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Her Name is Calla

Well in pretty much a volte face from the sublime Fleet Foxes, I have stumbled upon the really rather excellent Her Name is Calla who must labour under the unhelpful Post Rock label it seems.

The blurb on Last FM says , and I quote: "Leicester based 4 piece Her Name Is Calla have recently signed a deal with Gizeh Records. The bands debut single ‘A Moment of Clarity’ is released in October 07 with a debut album to follow in mid 08. Calla’s sound brings to mind a raw, stripped back Radiohead with strong post-rock influences thrown into the mix." Well I don't know about that but the now-unavailable-save-on-download, Condor and River is a majectic 16+ minutes wash of sound, with some nice tinkly bits thown in. The single (not much airtime awarded I imagine) A Moment of Clarity, gives the same sort of stuff but at around six minutes.

Their new album (or is it a long EP - who knows) 'Heritage' is out on Gizeh Records at a mere £6 or via the inevitable iTunes. Of course tracks are on their MySpace site, and much is also listenable via Last FM.

Reviews on Drowned in Sound , The Silent Ballet and Whisperin and Hollerin to name a few

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Fleeeeeeeet Foxxxxes

Well the eponymous album is here and deeply gorgeous affair it is too. It doesn't outstay its welcome at around 40 minutes but is a joy from start to finish. Laiden with achingly lovely harmonies and subtely infectious songlines - Blue Ridge Mountains and Ragged Wood being current favourites. The curious but affecting habit that Fleet Foxes have of seeming to crash two songs into one provides a two-for-the-price-of-one formula. Robin Pecknold has a wonderfully sonorous vocal which he uses in a controlled but liberated style.

Oh dear, I am getting a bit over the top with this, but I have to say this, and the equally wonderful Sun Giant EP, provide some of the most affecting and genuinely beautiful music so far this year ( and indeed for some time)

Oh and there's a neat little interview/piece about t their views on 'transcendence' on the 6 Music site to coincide with their rapturous reviews following their UK gigs (which I missed tickets for in Bristol :( )

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust ... Sigur Ros

A new offering from the bonkers Icelanders of course is always welcome - anyone who can sing so beautifully in an entirely (?) made up language deserves a hefty wack of respect. The charmingly named Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust apparently means 'With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly'.The Sigur Ros chaps are kindly streaming the new album prior to official release off their web site ( and sundry other places it seems)

Some comments are welcoming the more up-tempo tracks which sound jolly enough, but I still prefer the more haunting episodes - still all in all another beautiful offering jauntily bouncing off the sides of the mainstream dross

Oh and full marks for a suitably dotty cover shot of naked chaps running across a road ... sure it must mean something or maybe it just took their fancy...