Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Deep Sht Comments

I am always infeasibly pleased to have comments on any of the postings so imagine my childlike joy to have TWO for the Deep Sht post -truly I must have alighted upon something wondrous. The first of course was from the ever-watchful IDS but the second from a person unknown to me - huzzah!

Well apparently the enigmatic 文章 said 灰心是動搖的開端,動搖是失敗的近鄰。- of course I was overwhelmed by the insight fullness of this but had to useGoogle translator to check. App arently 'Article' feels that "Discouraged is to destabilize the beginning of a failure of the neighbors shaken." - how true, how wise...

I would much rather believe that I have inadvertently communed with someone of like interests in a far-off land than say, perhaps, a potentially dodgy young lady web site that the link might point to.

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M J Guest Ltd said...

Oh!... Tina really does seem at very sweet "girl" (hopefully girl!)